Prague Cocktail Week

Final Event

13 May 2024 from 3 PM

at Gabriel Loci

We invite you to a unique event where eight selected bars will present cocktails from the best Prague bartenders all in one place.

Bartending Competitions to look forward to:

  • Monin Cup 2024 for advancement to the world finals in France, representing the Czech Republic
  • Stoli Flair Competition 2024, a contest of the five best Czech flair bartenders

We have also prepared workshops and lectures, where you can learn something new from top professionals from Czechia and abroad.

Come meet well-known faces from the industry, who will share their passion for the cocktail scene. We have several surprises for you.

Tickets for the Final Event are sold separately.


  1. 15:00 Start
  2. 15:30 Jakub Krejčí,
    Monkey Shoulder
  3. 16:00 Petr Svejkovský,
    Premium Gastro
  4. 16:30 Michal Marešovský,
  5. 17:00 Linda Rejfková,
  6. 17:30 Peter Marcina,
  7. 18:00 Tomáš Mozr, UPB
    Alexander Mikšovic, BTS
  8. 18:30 Monin Cup 2024
  9. 21:30 Stoli Flair Bartending Competition 2024
  10. 23:00 KJ Sax
  11. 23:30 Results Announcement
  12. 00:00 KJ Sax
  13. 01:00 Good Night

World Cocktail Day

Harry Croswell

Harry Croswell
editor, ca 1836

It was May 13th, 1806, when the meaning of the word cocktail was first defined in a newspaper as a stimulating mixture of alcohol, sugar, water, and bitters.

Cocktails quickly gained popularity and became an important part of bar culture.

In 2006, on the 200th anniversary of the publication of the article, World Cocktail Day was established.

Join us at Prague Cocktail Week, as we celebrate this significant moment in cocktail history, for the first time in Prague.


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