Prague Cocktail Week


  1. 6th May, Monday

    Warm Up Party by Whitley Neill @ AnonymouS Bar 6 PM

  2. 7th May, Tuesday

    Books & Booze @ Alcron 2 PM | 5 PMReading about Bar Literature of CzechoslovakiaNikka Tasting with Krystof Hordina @ Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge 6 PM

  3. 8th May, Wednesday

    Whiskey Wednesday Tasting @ Max's Steakhouse 6 PMIn Collaboration with Michters Bourbon and Jaroslav ModlíkThree Cents Speed Bottle Opening Challenge @ Ideas are Bulletproof 7 PMDunlin Bar (Innsbruck) Guest Shift @ AnonymouS Bar 8 PM

  4. 9th May, Thursday

    Boxing Challenge @ AnonymouS Bar 1 PMCrafter's Gin Tasting s Radim Habarta @ Cobra Bar 4 PMJan Zlámaný Guest Shift @ Cobra Bar 7 PMAlexander Mikšovic Guest Shift @ Bugsy's Bar 8 PMExpert in Cocktail Culture, Author of Specialist Books and Initiator of World Cocktail Day

  5. 10th May, Friday

    Chocolate Atelier Workshop @ The Monkey BarLearn to Make Your Own Bombon with Dana Mlenská

  6. 11th May, Saturday

    Planteray Rum Tasting @ La Casa de La Havana 5 PM

  7. 12th May, Sunday

    The History of Tailored Cocktails @ Banker's BarPeter Marcina (Mirror Bar, Bratislava) Guest Shift @ The Monkey Bar 8 PM

  8. 13th May, Monday

    Final Event at Gabriel Loci 3 PMMonin Cup 2024 Bartending Competition 6:30 PMStoli Flair Bartending Competition 2024 9:30 PMWorld Cocktail Day 🎉

Capacities are limited, please make reservations prior to attending


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